Wetterhoff House Is Now Finished


The executive director of Fredrika Wetterhoff Foundation, Hannele Yrjö-Koskinen, is happy about the completion of the store’s renovation. The opening party will be held on Friday and Saturday. Photo: Esko Tuovinen

As the renewed store reopens its doors today, the years-lasting renovation streak becomes history.
One of Hämeenlinna’s oldest stores, Wetterhoff’s store, has been renovated from the floor to the roof. They believe in the 110-year-old store that craftsmanship is at least as popular today as it was in Frederika Wetterhoff’s time.

More than a half of the premises of the new store, in other words the former Sibelius Center, has been dedicated to craftsmanship. They sell mat wefts, different kinds of yarns and other materials.

In the actual store, special attention is paid to ethically and ecologically produced utilitarian things and the own products of the local area.

– We should have renovated the floor of the Sibelius Center this spring anyway but now we managed to combine the store renewal to it. We wanted the store to have more space and above all light, Wetterhoff Foundation’s executive director Hannele Yrjö-Koskinen says.

During the renovation, the stores of the Cultural Co-operative Kide and Niittyvilla were removed from the Wetterhoff House. The old mat wefts are now sold at the Wetterhoff store.

Hannele Yrjö-Koskinen is particularly proud of the store’s yarn selection that has been expanded to up to a hundred different yarns. Yarn that is made out of camel hair, for example, is sold only at Wetterhoff’s in Finland.
– These are still Wetterhoff’s yarns even though we no longer have our own dyeing-mill in the same yard. The yarns are dyed with Wetterhoff’s old machines and with our own recipes at PMK’s dyeing mill, Yrjö-Koskinen emphasizes.

The store has remained more or less in the same place since its founding year 1904. When the building process of Arjanlinna was finished in 1937, it was obvious that the store would get premises from it.

– In Wetterhoff’s 120th anniversary celebration in 2005, the store premises were expanded to 200 squaremeters, the executive director points out.

Fredrika Wetterhoff’s traditions are still honored at Wetterhoff’s.

Ancient pieces of furniture and artifacts have been used in decorating the premises and former janitor Yrjö Niiles’s bike, with which he rode yarn packages to the post office, has been hauled to the middle of the floor.

– Later there will be a little space for historical flashbacks in the foyer. We’ve still got time to think it through.

Hannele Yrjö-Koskinen says that she’s particularly excited about opening the workshop called Konttori. It’s the store’s former office where one can learn to knit a heel to a woollen sock, for example, in peace and quiet.
– The premises can be used for holding different kinds of courses, for example. We’re holding them already during the opening celebration, Yrjö-Koskinen says.

Yrjö-Koskinen, who began to work at Wetterhoff’s in the beginning of the decade, has gotten used to living in the middle of constant renovations. The streak should end with the store renovation.
– When I came here, the foundation had more than 10 000 squaremeters of space but now there are a little over 3000. Only the roof is left to be repaired and hopefully it won’t have to be renovated very soon, Yrjö-Koskinen says.


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