Easter Atmosphere In Palanderin Talo (Palander Residence)

Easter will be spent atmospherically in Palanderin Talo in the manner of a 19th century city residence. The event begins 8th of April and ends 17th of April.

The museum’s interior has been furnished into the era’s Easter look with flowers, cards and decorations. On the guided tours that begin every half an hour, you get to hear the background stories of many familiar Easter traditions and get to know Easter-related beliefs, customs and foods.

Many Easter treats and customs are still powerful today while others have gone out of fashion a long time ago. In Easter customs, Christian inheritance and beliefs that stem from pagan tradition blend in an interesting way.

The Easter preparations of the bourgeois home began weeks before Easter, especially food-wise.

The foods were planned carefully beforehand and things were acquired from the market square and the colonial goods salesmen. In the old days, holidays were the only times when people got to stuff themselves with treats.

Foods were invested in and people dared to use even more exotic ingredients and spices than usually.

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