Wetterhoff House Is Now Finished

  As the renewed store reopens its doors today, the years-lasting renovation streak becomes history. One of Hämeenlinna’s oldest stores, Wetterhoff’s store, has been renovated from the floor to the roof. They believe in the 110-year-old store that craftsmanship is at least as popular today as i Lisää

Easter Atmosphere at the Nature Centre of Häme

Spring is here again and now it’s time for Easter activities. To celebrate Easter, there will be fun playful tasks, independent hobbycrafts and of course outdoor activities in the nature. The event takes place at the nature centre of Häme in Tammela from Good Friday to Sunday 14th-16th of April from Lisää

Finnish Language Isn’t Very Easy To Learn

Teaching Finnish requires creativity if there is no mutual language with the students. Zirkani Ali, from Iraq, who has lived in Forssa for three months, is studying Finnish for the second time in the language club of Forssa’s department of Finnish Red Cross. – Finnish is a difficult language a Lisää

Easter Atmosphere In Palanderin Talo (Palander Residence)

Easter will be spent atmospherically in Palanderin Talo in the manner of a 19th century city residence. The event begins 8th of April and ends 17th of April. The museum’s interior has been furnished into the era’s Easter look with flowers, cards and decorations. On the guided tours that begin Lisää

There Will Be Dancing Amongst Books In The Main Library Again

The event will be spent in the spirit of Finland’s 100th anniversary year. On Tuesday, 4th of April, there is an event called Tanssii kirjojen keskellä (Dancing Amongst Books) in the local library in the spirit of Finland’s 100th anniversary year. The event in the main library will begin at 5 PM. Th Lisää