Worrisome Messages From Elementary Schools

In many teachers’ opinion, the new curriculum weakens learning achievements clearly or to some extent. Falling behind already in the elementary school doesn’t promise a bright future to the pupil. The new curriculum has been in action in elementary schools for this ending fall semester. Lisää

Grammatical Cases Can Be Learned While Hopping Around, For Example

– Physical activity for 3 hours a day? In order to reach the goal, movement has to be made a part of ordinary lessons as well. – Grammatical cases and parts of speech can be reminisced while hopping around, and a necessary pause for sitting down can be found on the wall bars. It’s Lisää

A Gift From Stranger Can Help With Starting Anew

People from Riihimäki can give and receive help anonymously on Facebook. The support page provides help especially to impecunious families. The amount of people who get help is rising constantly. Leaning on the jamb of the door, there is a pile of carpets under which ice skates’ blades are lo Lisää